“Applying computer settings” or “Please wait” taking a VERY long time. KB2775511 to the rescue!

Date : October 23, 2016

I had a friend reach out to me for some help: there was a single Windows 7 computer at his work that would intermittently get stuck at “Please wait…”for about 30 mins when booting.

“No problem”, I said. First thing to try is enabling verbose messaging through Group Policy. “Please wait…” hides the real startup messages that you tend to see on Windows Server OS’es

A few days goes by and I get a phone call from my friend again. The computer is stuck again, this time saying “Applying computer settings…”. Not very helpful.

This is where the magical KB2775511 comes in. This is a must have for any Windows domain environment and contains over 90 various domain-focused fixes, including Folder Redirection, SMB, Offline Files, Group Policy etc. This update has fixed many of my issues, both directly and indirectly.

I’m sure if you check your DC’s or clients, you will see this update is not installed, even though you keep your computers fully patched. What gives?!

From the KB2775511 Microsoft support page:

This hotfix rollup primarily addresses the issues that occur on domain-joined client computers and servers. Therefore, this hotfix rollup is available only from the Microsoft Update Catalog. After you install the hotfix rollup, the performance of the computers may be improved.

Lo and behold, after installing this on my friend’s computers and DC’s the issue was fixed! (You can import this update into WSUS or install manually)

What’s the lesson here? Install this update regardless of whether you need to fix a issue right now, or just as part of your housekeeping. I install it in all of my client setups, and I assure you it will help you now or in the future.

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