How to disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration

Date : October 18, 2016

With a fresh Windows Server installation you are unable to browse the web by default, thanks to Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. This “feature” essentially disables browsing in IE outright. There is a good reason for this, as browsing the web exposes the server to the outside world, and with that comes potential security risks (especially with a non-updated version of IE).


However, it is possible to disable this feature:

  • Head over to Server Manager (ServerManager.exe)
  • Select option 1: Configure this local server
  • In the top window in the right hand column, it will show IE Enhanced Security Configuration: On. Give it a click and you’ll see a new window


  • Set these both of Off, and when you relaunch IE you’ll see a slightly different looking screen


  • Try and browse to any webpage now


  • Magic!

Remember, it’s far from a great idea to be browsing the web on a server. If you really do have to, make sure you are using a fully updated browser.

More info on IE ESC:

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