Windows Update not working (0% downloading) on Windows Server 2016 behind a proxy server

Date : February 19, 2017


I recently had a fresh Server 2016 installation that was stuck on “0% downloading” updates permanently. Note: We also have to go via a proxy server for our internet connection.

From the command line, if you run:

you will see the system proxy hasn’t been set.



If you have to go through a proxy server to get an internet connection, you will need to first set your (user) proxy server in Internet Explorer options menu, then run:

Now your Windows Update should work as expected again (you many need to restart the service first). Not quite sure why this has become “a thing” seeing as Server 2012 R2 never needed this, but hey-ho!



Alternative solution

Alternatively, just run this single command:

And to configure the proxy bypass:


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What about on Windows 2016 with no gui? I’ve used netsh winhttp set proxy and set proxy and I am unable to get traffic to use the proxy. netsh winhttp show proxy shows it should be using the proxy, but it’s not working. I can get it to work on 2016 with gui.

1 year ago

Worked for me!
Never had to do this until Server 2016, just putting proxy into IE didn’t help

Thank you !!!

10 months ago

Thank you so very much.
Though “netsh winhttp set proxy source=ie” did not work for me(server 2016 v1607)

3 weeks ago

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